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Mediators / Queen's counsel

Penelope Reed QC

Call to Bar:1983

Appointment to Silk:2009

Chambers 2017 Chancery Traditional

Penny is faultless. Her advice is delivered succinctly and without hesitation, inspiring the greatest of confidence in both her instructing solicitors and her clients.

Penelope Reed QC has a broad traditional chancery practice focussed on trusts, wills, inheritance disputes, proprietary estoppel and equitable remedies.

She is a Civil Recorder and Deputy High Court judge.

Penelope is an accredited mediator, trained through ADR Chambers.

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Chambers 2017 Court of Protection Property & Affairs

She's an absolute pleasure to work with and frighteningly clever. She's a staggeringly brilliant advocate."

Chambers 2017 Trusts

She has a great following and gets in lots of big cases. She is super smart and a wise, guiding hand, strategically steering cases beautifully."

Chambers 2017 Chancery Traditional

She had a good grasp of complex trust issues, provided practical advice and was helpful in guiding the client to a pragmatic solution."

About Penelope Reed QC

Professional Reputation

Penelope is recommended for her trusts, estates and personal tax work, and for her work in the Court of Protection in the current editions of The Legal 500, Chambers UK, and Legal Experts.

“Penny is faultless. Her advice is delivered succinctly and without hesitation, inspiring the greatest of confidence in both her instructing solicitors and her clients.” “She had a good grasp of complex trust issues, provided practical advice and was helpful in guiding the client to a pragmatic solution.”

Chambers 2017 Chancery Traditional

“She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and frighteningly clever.” “She’s a staggeringly brilliant advocate.”

Chambers 2017 Court of Protection Property & Affairs

“She has a great following and gets in lots of big cases.” “She is super smart and a wise, guiding hand. She strategically steers the case beautifully.”

Chambers 2017 Trusts

“Remarkably bright, and has an extraordinary breadth of expertise”.

“Utterly reliable, quick, efficient and supremely client-friendly. A first choice.”

“Excellent with difficult cases and has a knack for dealing with difficult opponents in a calm yet persuasive manner. She is attractively modest in her style.”

“An impressive advocate.”

“Very good at keeping the best interests of the party she’s representing in mind”.

Wills and Probate
  • Ilott v Mitson [2017] UKSC 17, [2015] EWCA Civ 797, [2015] 2 FCR. 547 (family provision for an adult child)
  • King v Dubrey [2016] 2 WLR 1 (donatio mortis causa)
  • Watts v Watts [2015] EWCA Civ 1297 (will forgery)
  • Wooldridge v Wooldridge [2016] Fam Law 451 (family provision)
  • Loring v Woodland Trust [2014] EWCA Civ 1314 [2014] STI 3239 (will construction)
  • Simon v Byford [2014] EWCA Civ 280 [2014] WTLR 1097 (testamentary capacity)
  • Berger v Berger [2014] WTLR 35 – (extending time for Inheritance Act Claims)
  • Re Christou Deceased [2014] EWHC 79 (Ch) – (will forgery and want of knowledge and approval)
  • Burgess v Hawes [2013] WTLR 453 – (capacity and want of knowledge and approval)
  • Green v Astor [2013] WTLR 1489 – (application for directions by administrator and costs)
  • C v D [2012] EWHC 3214 (Ch) – (admissibility of previous conviction in evidence in a probate claim)
  • Perrins v Holland (the Court of Appeal held that the principles in Parker v Felgate (1883) LR 8 PD 171 in relation to testamentary capacity were still good law.)
  • RSPCA v Sharp [2010] WTLR 855 [2010] EWHC 268 (Ch) (the Court of Appeal held that the correct construction of a will was that an amount of money up to the level of the nil-rate band and a property were to pass to named beneficiaries without any Inheritance  Tax being paid on those gifts. The tax was to be borne by the residuary estate, which had been given to the applicant charity)
  • Man v Blackman [2008] WTLR 389 (testamentary capacity)
  • Re Harding [2007] EWHC 3 (Ch) (construction of a Will)
  • Re Cunliffe [2006] Ch 361 (CA) (family provision claim by the widow of a short marriage)
  • Allardyce v Roebuck [2004] WTLR 779 (testamentary options)
  • Jones v Jones [2006] WTLR 1847 (execution and delivery of a deed/validity of a will)
  • Nathan v Leonard [2003] 1 WLR 827 (forfeiture clauses in wills)
  • Presently acting for BNP Jersey Limited in Crociani v Crociani in the Royal Court in Jersey (breach of trust)
  • Fielden v Christie-Miller [2015] EWHC 2940 (Ch); [2015] WTLR (wide-ranging trustee dispute involving rectification)
  • Cotton v Earl of Cardigan [2014] EWCA Civ 1312 (trustees’ application for approval under Public Trustee v Cooper)
  • Brudenell-Bruce v Moore and Cotton [2012] WTLR 931 – acted for the trustees of the Savernake estate in their dispute with the Earl of Cardigan concerning the ownership of paintings and the self-dealing rule
  • Jiggens v Low [2010] EWHC 1566 (the High Court held that a deed of appointment made under a discretionary power by trustees of a settlement was void under the rule in Re Hastings Bass [1975] Ch 25 as the trustees had not intended to make an absolute disposal of capital to the defendant beneficiaries, which would have adverse tax consequences)
  • Alkin v Raymond (two trustees were removed where they had sanctioned the payment of an invoice to a company owned by one of them, but the invoice was not a properly drawn bill for money due to the company)
  • Hughes v Hughes [2007] EWHC 3133 (constructive trusts)
  • Price v Williams-Wynn [2006] WTLR 1633 (rectification/excess exercise of powers)
  • Hitch v Stone [2001] STC 214 (CA) (tax avoidance and sham)
Proprietary Estoppel
  • Arif v Anwar [2015] EWHC 124
  • Suggitt v Suggitt [2012] WTLR 931 [2012] EWCA Civ 1140
  • Thorner v Curtis [2009] 1 WLR 776 (HL)
  • Uglow v Uglow [2004] WTLR 1183 (CA)
Court of Protection
  • Re M [2013] WTLR 681
  • Fielden v Christie-Miller [2015] EWHC 2940 (Ch) [2015] WTLR. (wide-ranging trustee dispute involving rectification)
  • Lloyds Bank v Crowborough [2013] EWCA Civ 107 (rectification of Tomlin Order)
Undue Influence
  • Drew v Daniel [2005] WTLR 807(CA) (actual undue influence)
  • Jennings v Cairns [2004] WTLR 361 (presumed undue influence)
  • Wright v Hodgkinson [2005] WTLR 435 (presumed undue influence)
  • Goodchild v Bradbury [2007] WTLR 463 (presumed undue influence)

King’s College, London, Inns of Court School of Law

Professional Memberships

Penelope is a member of STEP, ACTAPS and the Chancery Bar Association.

Publications and Lecturing

Penelope has published widely and is:

  • Contributor to current issues in Succession Law (edited Charles Mitchell and Birke Hacker (OUP)
  • co-author of Risk and Negligence in Wills, Estates and Trusts(published OUP)
  • co-author of a Practical Guide to the Trustee Act 2000(published by Jordans)
  • co-author of the second edition of With the Best Will in the World(negligence in the preparation of wills) (published by Legalease)
  • author of the annotated Trusts and Estates Law Handbook (3rd edition)(published by Bloomsbury Professional)
  • contributor to Butterworths’ Forms and Precedents(Wills and Trusts)
  • contributor to A Practical Approach to Joint Property(published by Bloomsbury Professional)
  • co-author of Inheritance Act Claims(published by the Law Society)

Penelope lectures widely in the fields of trusts and estates.

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