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Mark Blackett-Ord

Call to Bar:1974

Chambers UK

"He is active across a broad range of issues, including, in addition to matters concerning traditional professional services firms, cases involving medical partnerships and funds structured as limited partnerships."

Mark Blackett-Ord is an advisor, arbitrator and advocate experienced in cases concerned with property, trusts, partnership, probate, ecclesiastical law and general Chancery litigation. In ecclesiastical cases he sits as Chancellor of the Diocese of Leicester.

He is a leading authority on the law of partnership including venture capital funds and other limited partnerships and LLPs.

He has appeared in a number of notable difficult and abstruse cases, for instance matters relating to clubs, corpses and unorthodox personal relationships.

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Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2022

"A lively and entertaining advocate, who has a great rhetorical flourish in the way he presents his cases."

Legal 500 2020

"Tenacious in cross-examination and forensic in his approach to legal issues."

The Legal 500, 2017

"Unquestionably one of the leading juniors specialising in partnership work."

The Legal 500, 2014

"He has a fantastic grasp of the subject area - a real leader in his field."

Chambers UK 2011

"A forceful advocate and strong tactician."

About Mark Blackett-Ord

Professional Reputation

Mark is recommended by Chambers UK, Legal Experts and The Legal 500. Chambers UK in 2012 noted his “encyclopaedic knowledge and crisp no-nonsense approach” and calls him a “highly urbane and tremendously effective barrister… an exceptional cross-examiner whom clients and peers always take very seriously.” In 2017 it stated that he was known for producing “the skilful practical application of his knowledge”.

“Great for hard-fought litigation”

Chambers and Partners 2019

‘He is bright, engaging and knowledgeable.’

Legal 500 2019

“Obviously a leading light in this area: he’s very well known, is steeped in partnership law and he really knows his stuff.”

Chambers UK 2018

“He is active across a broad range of issues, including, in addition to matters concerning traditional professional services firms, cases involving medical partnerships and funds structured as limited partnerships.

Chambers UK 2017

 ‘Unquestionably one of the leading juniors specialising in partnership work.’

 The Legal 500 2017

  “Few can claim the kind of specialist partnership knowledge that he can and he deals with things in a very pragmatic and sensible way.” “The go-to partnership dispute barrister, and someone who is excellent with clients.”

Chambers UK 2017

“He has a fantastic grasp of the subject area – a real leader in his field”

Legal 500 – 2014

“Very good, takes a practical approach” with “advice that is clear, authoritative and prompt”

Chambers UK 2013

“A determined cross examiner who has a keen eye for spotting the weak arguments of opposing counsel”

A “forceful advocate and strong tactician”

Chambers UK 2011

Notable Cases Property, Company Law and Probate
  • Re Lomax Decd (2018) EWHC 2623 ( appeal defending a decision under the Inheritance Act 1975 awarding the whole net estate of over £600,000 to adult children of the deceased)
  • Kaur v Dhaliwal [2014] Fam Law 1241 (cohabitation for the purposes of the Inheritance Act 1975)
  • Cooke v Venulum[2013] EWHC 4288 (limits on freezing order jurisdiction)
  • Wilson deceased [2013] WTLR 899 (overturning a will made by an amateur who took the whole estate under it).
  • VIVA! Campaign Ltd v Scott [2013] EWHC 3639 (where consideration was given to the costs consequences of a vigorously fought probate action).
  • Mary Gray Ritchie deceased [2009] EWHC 809 (will overturned where testatrix deluded).
  • Olins v Walters [2009] (Ch 212) (CA) (clarification of the law on mutual wills).
  • Mehra v Aras (HH Judge Marshall QC 26/11/08, Estates Gazette: the new law of overriding interests over registered land).
  • Braymist v Wise Finance Co [2002] 2 AER 333 CA (unincorporated associations).
  • Polly Peck Plc v Nadir [1992] The Times 30.7.92 CA (the width of world-wide Mareva injunctions).
  • Roche v Sherrington [1982] 1 WLR 599 (the Opus Dei case)
  • Regalian Securities v Ramsden [1981] 1 WLR 611 (House of Lords)
Notable Cases Partnership
  • Hameed v Packe (2018)EWHC 3061 (a partner held accountable for his benefit from a redevelopment of a partnership property by his company)
  • Manning v English [2010] EWHC 153 (Ch) (limitation period for a dissolution claim)
  • Hopton v Miller [2010] EWHC 2732 (effect of a debarring order on a partnership claim)
  • Tann v Herrington [2009] EWHC 445 (Ch) (duty of care of one partner to another)
  • Hopper v Hopper [2008] EWCA Civ 1417 (rules as to post-dissolution profit sharing)
  • Sandhu v Gill [2006] Ch 456 CA (operation of the retirement provisions of the Partnership Act 1890)
  • M Young Legal v Zahid [2006] 1 WLR 2562 CA. (meaning of partner)
Notable Cases Trusts
  • Hopper v Hopper [2008] EWHC 228 (proprietary estoppel claims against co-owners)
  • Price v Williams-Wynn [2006] WTLR (rectification of a settlement)
  • Murphy v Murphy [1999] 1WLR 282 (duty of disclosure of a settlor)
  • Webb v Webb [1994] QB 696 (ECJ) and (1997) CA 8.7.97 (European Court of Justice: jurisdiction in cases of an English trust of foreign land)
Notable Cases Ecclesiastical Law
  • RE Bath Abbey (2017) ECC 3061, (the removal of the Gilbert Scott pews from Bath Abbey)
  • In  Re Lacock (The Guardian 23/12/13) he acted for the opposition to the sale of the C15th silver-gilt chalice called the Lacock Cup now in the British Museum.
  • In Re Thringstone [2013] Ecc Law J 246 he decided a difficult contested exhumation case in his capacity of Chancellor and judge of the Consistory Court of Leicester.
  • In Re St Peter’s Draycott [2009] WLR (D) 105 He appeared for the Victorian Society as the successful appellant in the Court of Arches, which concerned the sale of a font.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. He sits as an arbitrator and as Chancellor of the Diocese of Leicester and is a Bencher of Lincolns Inn.

Professional Memberships

He is a member of the Association of Partnership Practitioners and of the Chancery Bar Association, ACTAPS and the Ecclesiastical Judges Association.

Publications and Lecturing

He was the co-editor of ‘Partnership’ in the original Halsbury’s Laws (4th Edition) and he is the editor of ‘Partnerships and LLP’s’ in Atkins Court Forms. His book entitled Partnership (Butterworths) first published in 1997 is a definitive guide to the modern law of partnership. Wilson LJ called it ‘Mr Blackett-Ord’s excellent book‘ in M. Young Legal v Zahid [2006] 1 WLR 2562 (CA). The fifth edition of Partnership was published in 2015 and was co-authored with Sarah Haren, also of 5 Stone Buildings. He lectures regularly.

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