Promoting diversity and inclusion within the legal profession

It is vital that the legal profession and the Bar in particular is diverse and inclusive to those of all backgrounds. Chambers fully supports this aim, and a large number of our members have contributed to relevant initiatives such as:

  • The Chancery Bar Association’s forthcoming Step into Law and More programme, which will mentor school students from non-traditional backgrounds with the aim of helping them to realise the aspiration of entering into a professional career such as law. This has been headed up by Amanda Hardy QC.
  • Work done by the Chancery Bar Association and the Bar Council on equality and diversity.
  • Outreach literature and events;
  • The Bar Placement Scheme, which pairs talented sixth form students from non-traditional backgrounds with practising barristers. Students spend three days shadowing the barrister they have been paired with in chambers and in court.

We seek to promote diversity and inclusion in our own recruitment by ensuring those who interview applicants have undergone appropriate training and by innovating in our own application process to ensure that applicants from all backgrounds have equal opportunities.

Chambers Equality and Diversity Policy

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