Simon Douglas
Junior counsel

Simon Douglas

Call to Bar:2018

Chambers and Partners 2016 Chancery Traditional

5 Stone Buildings is a go-to traditional chancery set with a depth and breadth of talent and experience among both its silks and its junior counsel.

Simon Douglas joined chambers in July 2018 after successful completion of his pupillage, where he sat with Mark Baxter, Ruth Hughes and Leon Sartin. Simon has experience across a broad range of Chambers’ practice areas including probate disputes, trusts and wills, property and personal taxation.

In addition to practice at the bar, Simon is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oxford. He lectures and publishes on trusts, land law and personal property law. His recent works include an edited collection on defences in equity (Davies, Douglas and Goodkamp, Equitable Defences, Hart 2018) and articles on mistake, rectification and rescission in trust law (Douglas, “Misuse of Rectification in the Law of Trusts” (2018) 134 LQR 138; Douglas and Davies, “Tax Mistakes Post-Pitt v Holt” (2018) 32 TLI 3).

About Simon Douglas

Education and Qualifications

DPhil, University of Oxford (2009)
MPhil, University of Oxford (2007)
BCL, University of Oxford (2005)
LLB, University of Liverpool (2004)

Publications and Lecturing


Liability for Wrongful Interferences with Chattels (Hart 2011)

(co-editor) Landmark Cases in Property Law (Hart 2015)

(co-editor) Defences in Equity (Hart 2018)


(with Sinead Agnew) ‘Self-Declarations of Trust’ [2019] Law Quarterly Review (forthcoming)

(with Ben McFarlane) ‘Property and Analogy’ [2019] Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming)

(with Paul Davies) ‘Tax Mistakes Post-Pitt v Holt’ (2018) 32 Trust Law International 3

‘Misuse of Rectification in the Law of Trusts’ (2018) 134 Law Quarterly Review 138

‘Trusts, Objectivity and Rectification’ in J Penner and P Davies (eds), Equity, Trusts and Commerce (Hart 2017)

(with B McFarlane) ‘Sham Trusts’ in R Hickey (ed), Modern Studies in Property Law (Hart 2017)

(with I Goold) ‘Property in the Human Biomaterials: A New Methodology’ [2016] Cambridge Law Journal 478

‘Reforming Implied Easements’ (2015) 131 Law Quarterly Review 251

‘How to Reform Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925’ [2015] 79 Conveyancer 13

‘Wrongful Interferences with Chattels’ in Halsbury’s Laws of England and Wales (2015)

‘The Argument for Property Rights in Body Parts’ (2012) 40 Journal of Medical Ethics 23

‘The Scope of Conversion: Property and Contract’, [2011] Modern Law Review 329

‘The Nature of Conversion’ [2009] Cambridge Law Journal 198

‘The Abolition of Detinue’ [2008] Conveyancer 30

‘Converting Contractual Rights’ [2008] Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 129

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