We also offer mini-pupillages. Below is some information about them.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at minipupillage@5sblaw.com.

Pupillage FAQ

What does a mini-pupillage involve?

Mini-pupils generally sit with junior members of chambers for two or three days. This allows you to get a feel for the type of set we are, and the type of work that we do. Mini-pupils get the chance to attend hearings, attend conferences and work on opinions on accessible topics.

Are mini-pupillages assessed?

We do not formally assess mini-pupillages. We believe that mini-pupillage is a chance for you to experience what life is like at the Chancery Bar.

Do you give out mini-pupillage awards?

All candidates who undertake a mini-pupillage in Chambers receive £100. Chambers is able to offer a limited number of further awards to those who would find a mini-pupillage difficult to attend without further funding. This could be owing to travel, accommodation or childcare expenses, lost earnings or some other reason. If you would like to apply for a further award, please see the relevant section on the application form.

When do mini-pupillages take place?

We schedule mini-pupillages for December and July, although we can be flexible where necessary.

When are the deadlines for applications?

The closing date for applications for the July session of mini-pupillages is 15 May and for the December session the closing date is 15 October.

Do you need to have studied law to apply for a mini-pupillage?

Yes. The work we do is of a specialised nature and we consider that mini-pupillages will only be beneficial after some time studying the law. If you are a law student, we recommend that you only apply in your second or third year, and preferably after you have studied land law and equity and trusts. If you are planning to convert to law, please do not apply to us until you have started the GDL.

Before you apply, please ensure you have read through the FAQ above.

If you wish to apply, please download a copy of the application form below. Applications should be sent via email to minipupillage@5sblaw.com. Once you have submitted your application, you will be emailed an acknowledgment.

As we explain within the above FAQ’s, there are two deadlines each year for submission of mini-pupillage applications: 15 May (for the July session of mini-pupillages) and 15 October (for the December session of mini-pupillages). We do not assess the applications for each session until the relevant deadline has passed.

This is to ensure that applications are assessed on a fair and equal footing. However, it may mean that if, for example, you submit an application on 16 October (after the October deadline), then a number of months will pass until you find out whether you have been successful.