Promoting the wellbeing of our members and staff and others across the legal profession

We recognise that the legal profession can sometimes be a stressful place in which to work for both our members and staff given the long hours worked and high pressured environment, especially in litigation. Chambers has noted the observations set out in the Bar Council Wellbeing at the Bar Report 2024, which revealed a range of wellbeing related difficulties experienced across the spectrum of the profession, as well as some improvements on last year. The Bar Council offers services to promote wellbeing at the Bar and our members are encouraged to make use of these.

Our members have been leaders in promoting a better understanding of wellbeing issues within the Chancery Bar and addressing some of the issues. William East and Eliza Eagling contributed towards the research and writing of the joint Chancery Bar Association/Institute of Barristers Clerks (IBC)’s Best Practice Policy on Wellbeing. The policy was launched in October 2017 and has since been implemented by many chambers, including our own. The policy recognises that both barristers and staff can face wellbeing issues and provides recommendations for how to address them. In 2019, we were awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Bar Council for ‘our innovation and invaluable contribution made to the wellbeing initiative in the profession.’

We have also carried out the following initiatives:

  • Three Mental Health Champions have been appointed within chambers;
  • A number of our members have attended mental health first aid training;
  • We have ensured that all our clerking staff are eligible to receive help from an Employee Assistance Programme run by the IBC should they need it.
  • We host events in conjunction with the relevant Bar Associations and other organisations to promote the wellbeing of our members and others. A recent event focused on the art and science of sleep.
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