Fraudulent E-Mails

We have received numerous reports about unsolicited e-mails purporting to be from or referring to individual members of 5 Stone Buildings. The e-mails also provide false e-mail and/or telephone contact information for 5 Stone Buildings.


These e-mails are part of what is likely to be an organised international internet scam where Barristers’ names and Chambers address are used in an attempt to add credibility to a process that is designed to fraudulently obtain monies from those who respond to the e-mails.


The scams can refer to inheritance claims, employment opportunities, lottery wins etc and may seek payment for supportive legal documentation as sworn by a Barrister.


5 Stone Buildings will never make unsolicited contact with members of the public to offer legal assistance and they are not a provider of sworn legal documentation.


We strongly advise that you report any such e-mails to the relevant ISP (Internet Service Provider) and do not respond to or communicate further with the e-mail sender. Under no circumstances should e-mail recipients make any payment or provide personal bank or other details.